Nduja Festival 2016 - Spilinga (Vibo Valentia)

41st edition - August 8, 2016


'Nduja Festival of Spilinga 2016

'Nduja Festival of Spilinga

'Nduja Festival takes place every year on August 8 in the Calabrian town of Spilinga which is in the province of Vibo Valentia (10 kilometres far from Tropea).

It dates from 1975 and it is a culinary-folkloristic event where people can taste 'nduja in various ways, all accompanied by folk music and entertainments connected with the local tradition such as the "Giganti" (giants) and the "U Camejuzzu i Focu".

What is 'Nduja?

'Nduja is a Calabrian sausage extremely spicy and it is typical of the areas around Monte Poro (Spilinga).
This spreadable sausage (because of its soft texture) is made by the fat of the minced pork adding a considerable dose of spicy calabrian pepper.
The blind gut of the pig itself (it is called "orba") is stuffed with the offal and then it is smoked and matured.

How to get to 'Nduja Festival 2016 of Spilinga

Timetables of the main entertainments of 'Nduja Festival of Spilinga.

Detailed timetable of 'Nduja Festival of Spilinga (italian language only)

'Nduja Festival of Spilinga 2016 - Official timetable
  • h 10:00 Giro turistico Trenino del Capo
  • h 11:00 Gara dei sacchi
  • h 15:30 Piazza Italia: animazione bambini – gioco "Spacca a Pignata"
  • h 16:30 Caccia al tesoro "Trova l'orba"
  • h 19:00 Inizio competizione fotografica "Fammi na fotu"
  • h 19:30 Apertura stand del Comitato – Assaggio gratuito della 'Nduja
  • h 20:30 Inizio concerto "Lira Battente"
  • h 22:00 Premiazione concorso fotografico "Fammi na fotu"
  • h 22:30 Inizio concerto "Etnosound"
  • h 00:00 Estrazioni biglietti riffa Ballo "Camejuzzu i Focu"
  • h 00:30 Concerto "Officina Kalabra"